More on the Wood County Senior Citizens Association

This is in reference to the responsibility of the board of directors of the Wood County Senior Citizens Association Inc. The Parkersburg News and Sentinel on Nov. 9 printed an article regarding a meeting with the Wood County Commissioners. The meeting was requested because members had concerns which direction the board of directors were taking the association.

One concern why the meeting was requested is because the board of directors as of Sept. 15, 2018, suspended all social activities. In regard to this, Mr. Seely, president of the board of directors, informed what the responsibilities, the obligations, are of the board of directors. The newspaper reported:

“Seely said it is important to remember the Parkersburg center, which is commissioned through state and federal funds, provide services for meals, home health care, and transportation programs. ‘We do that effectively and efficiently,’ he said. ‘The public funds and taxes that go into that are spent wisely. We have met every criteria put before us.’ The center is not mandated to do the fellowship programs it has done, Seely said. ‘We were providing space because that was something we wanted to do.'”

I do agree those three items we do get funding for and are important and we carry out those mandates. In reviewing the Articles of Incorporation dated May 1977, Article III reads: The objects for which the Wood County Senior Citizens Association is formed are: (2) To foster knowledge and provide service to the aged by studying the needs of the elderly of Wood County, West Virginia, and promote programs and activities to meet those needs. (4) To diminish isolation of the elderly, provide instruction in crafts, homemaking, health and related activities promoting the social, educational and physical well-being and development of the elderly, through activities, programs and classes for the elderly of Wood County, West Virginia.

Is the board of directors fulfilling all of their responsibilities, criteria, mandates and requirements? Are they doing all that they should be doing or are they doing just what they want to do?

Michael Farnsworth Sr.