Just stick to the facts

This is in reference to comments made by Mr. Michael Seely, president of the board of directors of the Wood County Senior Citizen Association, Inc. On Thursday, Nov. 8, members brought concerns to the Wood County Commissioners in hopes that a suitable agreement could be reached with the board of directors.

A WTAP broadcast showed a bit of film of the meeting on the 6 p.m. news that day. The paper the next morning also did an article. The film and newspaper shows Mr. Seely, president of the board, saying “Some of the seniors who were playing bingo and pool were very rude and unkind and ungracious to people who came in to participate in other activities. It provided a tremendous amount of anxiety for all of us.”

Let us take a closer look at these statements. Statements like these are unsubstantiated, subjective, must be considered hear-say and are not effective in working toward a mutual agreement. If Mr. Seely would like to take an opportunity to tell us he personally saw who did what, and when, then we can investigate the accusations then determine the validity. Making statements and not backing them up is not the method to use to have a meaningful dialogue. Statements like this cannot be used as an excuse to suspend the social activities.

Unsubstantiated statements should cause a tremendous amount of anxiety only to the persons to whom the accusations are intended. I now wonder what the anxiety level is among the pool players and bingo players after being accused of something without any evidence. I also wonder how much more wood will be put in the fire.

Action taken by the board to suspend social activities did indeed provide a tremendous amount of anxiety and no more is needed. If Mr. Seely would like to discuss issues in an attempt to reach a mutual agreement then perhaps it would be best if everyone kept with verifiable facts.

Michael Farnsworth Sr.