Thankful for help

Saturday evening, Oct. 20, The Parkersburg Art Center, and our event partners, set up ArtOberfest on the 700 block of Market Street. This was a community festival celebrating art, music and downtown Parkersburg. Red umbrellas lined the street, art vendors were selling their work, musicians were on stage, Mangos, Unity Cafe and Busy Bee were selling food and Parkersburg Brewing Company was serving beer. Things were going well until we were struck by heavy winds and rain!

All of us at the Parkersburg Art Center want to thank those in attendance for pitching in and helping one another when the skies opened and the wind roared. The scene was chaos but it spotlighted the kindness of strangers. Everyone just helped. Vendors and visitors didn’t think, they just pitched in; packing up and dragging items to shelter. We got that road cleared in record time!

This week we are very thankful for the good will of both friends and strangers.

Jessie Siefert

Managing Director of the Parkersburg Art Center