Thank you for the support

I would like to say thank you to all who supported the Mid-Ohio Valley Heart-Stroke Walk Oct. 4. A special thank you to those businesses and individuals who displayed signs inside and outside in yards to help advertise the walk. Thank you to all who made donations to The American Heart Association. To those who would not let the rain deter them, thank you for coming out to support this worthy cause. This year’s event had a wonderful turnout.

This year’s walk marked a special Sweet 16 for Teagan DeMoss, thank you for being you. Your continual support is truly an inspiring message to others. To Tom Yencha, thank you for being this year’s honoree. I know it is not always easy to share your story. Thank you for your willingness to share with the hope of helping others.

Thank you Mid-Ohio Valley for your continued support to me personally. Your kindness is a source of strength for me.

Monica Davis