Stores will be missed

Sears and K-Mart will be missed by young and old. You see, most of us old timers on Social Security and young people starting out on minimum wage jobs can only have one or two stores to shop and one credit card payment for our home appliances, car repair, tires, sporting goods, pharmacy, clothes, lawnmowers, tools for life, jewelry, Christmas gift cards, eye glasses and many other needs.

So I say thank God for Sears, K-Mart blue light specials and the credit card I have used for almost 50 years.

If not for Sears and the easy-pay plan, I would still be sitting in that laundry mat listening to my radio in my one pair of blue jeans waiting on the tow truck to haul my car, me and my laundry back to my hot apartment with nothing but a fan and my lawn chair to eat a peanut butter sandwich, washed down with a warm Coke …

Sorry, the only thing I do online was hang up my wet clothes! And I can’t even spell Amazawn.

Has anybody seen my hunting dog? Because I’ll need him when I go to Wal-Mart.

Dave Haynes