Make list public

In recent months there has been information released that the United State Congress has allowed for cash settlements to accusers of sexual harassment against setting U.S. Senators and members of the House of Representatives. All apparently settled by the cover of darkness and secrecy. Also setting a double standard for who can serve in government and who can’t.

I would urge that those settlements be made public, and the names of each elected official be revealed. I would urge that each be swiftly investigated, and if found true, each elected official be removed from office, regardless of political affiliation.

Being that tax dollars are involved, even if paid with insurance liability coverage (premiums paid by taxpayers) the names of each Congressman and/or Senator should be made public with the accusation and dollar amount of settlement. Members of Congress and the Senate should be held to the same standard as all other governments and such information should be made public to the tax payers.

Being that some members of the Senate have decided a Supreme Court candidate is guilty until proven innocent. My suggestion if accepted, would hold elected officials accountable in public, and by the settlement alone, would show some form of admission of guilt, thus leading to the removal of elected officials who violate another person.

Rick Modesitt