Mad or mindful voters?

I’m hearing the prediction that the mid-term elections will be decided by who is madder. I find that statement deeply disturbing. As citizens, we shouldn’t be motivated solely by partisan anger or red-button reaction.

Instead, our votes should arise from our commitment to shared national values, principles, structures and norms. Which candidate is honest? Which candidate is thoughtful, well-informed, even-tempered? Which candidate is respectful of diverse perspectives and people? Which candidate seeks solutions that benefit the common good — ones that honor majority rule, protect minority rights, and provide smooth transition for change? Which candidate shows moral courage and upholds justice?

You’ve probably seen the car insurance ad in which a young man — in anger — throws his wallet into deep water. Making vote decisions based on anger is just as foolish.

We need to support candidates who unify us in positive action for an improved society. Can we resist efforts to inflame us and vote mindfully for leaders of civility, wisdom and compassion?

Martha McGovern