Ladyburgs of Parkersburg

We are the “Ladyburgs,” actively demonstrating our true unity and concern for the Mid-Ohio Valley!

Our small group began forming during the planning of our city’s 3rd Annual National Night Out in May 2018. We realized immediately, we had so much in common. As we shared our thoughts, concerns and ideas, we quickly realized we loved our community and together can make a difference. With our unique experiences, skills and education, coupled with our ability to communicate and laugh, we knew our community could use our help.

We set goals and objectives to our city’s needs. We agreed that our community needed to see more good, and by working together and showing acts of kindness, much good can be accomplished.

We are volunteers who assist the Parkersburg Police Department, help with city events, work with local churches and recognize outstanding role models in our community. We participate in city meetings, help with community clean up, and any non-profit organization that may need volunteers. Our community needs to see the good when the country is riddled with so much controversy.

We are four women who came together and now stand together to make a difference in our community. We are positive, dedicated and committed to bringing unity to our community. We are fun, creative, patient and understanding. We LOVE what we do and why we do it!

The Ladyburgs hope that our good will grow and unity will rise.

Debbie Jeffrey