Do you remember?

Do you remember when the doctors couldn’t wait to leave West Virginia because their insurance was so high? Doctors were going to Ohio because they didn’t have that problem over there. West Virginia laws passed by elected officials caused that problem.

Do you remember when all the coal mines were being closed? Do you remember all the men and women losing their jobs? DO you remember all the businesses closing who were supporting the coal mines?

Do you remember when the school teachers couldn’t even get a one percent raise? Do you remember when our paychecks were being taxed a lot higher than they are now?

Those days are gone because the people that were running our state and country were defeated at the polls. West Virginia is going strong because of people going back to work. Thousands of men and women working on gas pipelines. Coal miners going back to work and all the businesses that support those mines.

Teachers getting a fair pay raise now that there are people who care working for them in Charleston. Not a one percent raise, but a five percent raise.

Here in America we have the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years thanks in part to our president. No other country in the world can say that.

Yet there are people who want to go back to the way it was. You hear their ads on television every day, and it is enough to make you sick. People who supported Hillary Clinton trying to tell us who to vote for with their millions and millions of dollars in television ads.

We need to vote for the people that are doing a good job for us in West Virginia now, not those who hurt us for years. Vote for the people who have been doing a good job the last couple of years. Well, except for that guy who wants to take away our guns. The NRA gives him a D as his grade. That’s a bad grade for our senator.

Charles E. Leisure