Correcting error

During the Oct. 11 Vienna City Council meeting, Mr. Bibbee informed me that I had “lied” about his voting on the fees. It was noted in the article last Saturday, Oct. 13, that he addressed the council, however he addressed me also. It was obvious he was very upset because he said my letter sounded like a political ad.

My thoughts are that anyone on the City Council would have more ethics and integrity about them that instead of berating a person during a public meeting, when that person cannot respond to the comments made by any of the council or mayor, would at last take them aside to talk it over.

This was simply an error on my part and I’m man enough to apologize to the two council members for the error.

Mr. Bibbee informed me that he did not vote for the increase in fees.

To a certain degree I guess this does appear political because in our democracy changes are made at the voting polls when you can’t reason with people during a meeting or with petitions and they don’t keep the citizen’s wellbeing at heart.

Joe Brookover