Big reasons to vote

Parkersburg City Councilman Eric Barber stepped on a few toes with his “coat-hanger” comment on social media last week. He was, of course, referring to the use of a coat-hanger as a surgical device from the dark-ages, before Roe v. Wade. It didn’t make any difference if Mr. Barber’s readers were pro-choice or pro-life. Everyone knew exactly what he was referring to.

So, here we are with 45 years of Roe v. Wade behind us and the big court in Washington is gearing up to end pro-choice. They’re planning to convert a safe and relatively simple elective surgical procedure into something unlawful and dangerous. For 45 years that medical procedure has been legally performed by skilled medical technicians in safe, clinical conditions. Women, wanting to end a pregnancy, will now be forced to revert to a former time where abortion was unlawful and performed by amateurs wielding rusty coat-hangers. Think of it as Retro-Grade Progress, Republican style.

Pro-choice supporters know that Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment will tip the scale against legal abortion. There are 57 million women of child bearing age in the U.S. The high court now has a conservative majority and that little group of five happy campers have suddenly been empowered to take away the pro-choice rights of 57 million women.

Those 57 million women are now at the mercy of five politically inspired men, none of whom were elected. The latest to be appointed got there on a razor thin Senate vote. That political mix was created by a President who lost the national election by 3 million votes. That seems disproportionate. Be sure you vote next month.

Ralph Chambers