Thank you

I was at Walmart South in an electric cart shopping. The cart was on full charge, but kept stopping until finally it quit moving at all. I was at the back of the store by the milk case contemplating how I was going to get to the front of the store.

I am on a walker and I can’t walk from the back to the front of the store.

Shopping there beside me was a nice young couple with a week-old baby boy. They began to reassure me that they were going to help, and everything would be all right. Philip and Janie were so kind to take time out of their shopping day to help an old lady.

Philip went to the front of the store while Janie kept me occupied. Philip not only brought me a working cart, but made sure it was working properly before he brought it back.

With so many bad stories going around about our young people, I just wanted the public know there are still good youth left. We need lots more of Philips and Janies around. Thank you so much for your kindness.

(By the way, it was the second time in two days we received kindness from a young couple. A couple from Kentucky stopped by the side of the road and helped us change a flat tire!)

Joyce McMullen