Manchin is a shape-shifter

Every six years Joe Manchin comes out of his ugly liberal cocoon and transforms into his version of a beautiful conservative butterfly, flitting about planting sweet kisses on the backsides of West Virginians. Even more remarkable, he changes his colors like a chameleon, which enables him to blend with any audience. Oh, yes, Joe looks just like us — until he gets back to Washington.

Senator Manchin is a left wing radical and changes only in an election year when he is running for office. He was a fanatical supporter of the shameless Marxist Obama for eight years, and never wavered in his support for Bill’s wife against Donald Trump; even after she said, “We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”

Manchin personally brought Common Core to West Virginia, hung it around the necks of children and teachers and helped collapse the education system in West Virginia.

He feigns support for guns, but only for hunting. He’s stated in countless interviews that the Second Amendment is on the table. Manchin worked with Sen. Pat Toomey, D-Pa., to create new gun-control legislation, though their efforts have failed repeatedly in the Senate. His anti-gun campaigns have now earned a “D” rating from the NRA.

He’s pictured with two groups of young girls holding signs; one supporting Planned Parenthood and one against. He votes to increase funding for PP and thinks mountaineers are mentally deficient when he regurgitates the ludicrous talking point that they don’t use taxpayer money for abortion.

Joe not only supported Obama’s Cap and Trade scheme, but on June 17, 2009, the governor signed into law HB 103, West Virginia’s own cap and trade bill. Both laws were devastating to the country and to West Virginia’s economy and coal miners.

This senator voted for the economically devastating and health care crushing Obamacare despite the protestations of the majority of Americans and West Virginians. Obamacare was never about improving health care, rather a Marxist redistribution of income and wealth. Likewise, it increased the size and power of the federal government.

Smooth-talking Joe voted with Schumer against President Trump’s tax cut legislation.

The West Virginia Senate race will likely decide the power balance in Washington and mean the difference between conservative and liberal Supreme Court justices and federal courts. If you don’t want Schumer’s shysters running the Senate, vote Patrick Morrisey.

Jim Mullen