Kavanaugh drug through mud

The media has once again failed to provide all the necessary information regarding Judge Kavanaugh in order for the public to form an educated opinion. There is absolutely no indication that this was a repeated pattern of behavior since the alleged event. Usually predators have a repeated pattern, like Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein and Bill Clinton that had multiple accusers. There are no other victims that have come forward alleging that Kavanaugh tried to assault them over the past 35 years. Also, since there was no crime committed, the FBI cannot investigate something that is nonexistent. The Democratic senators are screaming for an FBI investigation but that is outside their scope of power. The statute of limitations has ran out both for legal and civil litigation.

Any honorable judge would question these accusations that are lacking in both detail and corroboration. A person that is assaulted like she claims has absolute recollection of the details. She is not even sure of the year that the assault took place. Judge Kavanaugh has had multiple women come forward and vouch for his character. We now have two witnesses that were supposedly at the party that said nothing like that occurred. She has no corroborating witnesses that confirm her side of the story. When she confessed the “event” to a psychiatrist in 2012, she did not mention Kavanaugh’s name. Even if we assume he is guilty, one must remember the brain of a seventeen-year-old male is not fully developed until he reaches 25 years of age. Thus, the person we see now in the Senate hearing is not the same person that attended that alleged party 37 years ago.

It is mind boggling how a little less than 50 percent of our senators could be so dishonest, shameful human beings. All the evidence points to his innocence and now a good man is being dragged through the mud.

George Tokodi