Best for senior citizens?

This is in reference to the newspaper article printed Wednesday, Sept. 19, concerning the Wood County Senior Citizens Association, Inc., seeking comments from the public about the pending change of the 911 Market St. congregate (group) meal site.

The board of directors is planning to first lease out the space in the building, then try to find another location for the Senior Center. Is this an unnecessary gamble? What if they cannot find a suitable place that they can afford? The Seniors then will not have a place for activities and a congregate meal site. But does the board of directors really care about this?

In keeping with their plan, the board of directors have suspended all social activities as of Sept. 15 and plan to discontinue the congregate meal site as of Nov. 30.

From the viewpoint of the board of directors there is no need to have a congregate meal site because those who were transported to the site for social activities and a meal no longer have social activities to participate in, and have signed up to have the meal delivered to their homes because they no longer will be transported to the center.

It has been made very clear to the seniors who enjoy the activities “this is not a day care center.” Now that the board of directors has suspended social activities and are going through the proper procedure to close the congregate meal site: to lease out the space will indeed generate income. For social activities generate no income and leasing the space will generate a lot of income. So let us follow the money.

If the board of directors believe that social activities and a congregate meal site are important, then they would not treat the seniors like they do and would not be in this mess that they created. Does the board of directors know what is best for the seniors? Judging by the decisions they make I would say no, they do not know what is best for seniors.

Michael Farnsworth Sr.