Would cast Trump vote again

Okay, let’s get something clear: it seems to be a popular [mis]conception that if one voted for Trump, one is a Trump supporter. Not so.

What the party of the left doesn’t seem to understand is that Trump was and still is a great big obscene gesture to the liberal snobs on both coasts! You know who you are, and the fact that some of you still can’t figure out that we faceless “little people” out here in “flyover land” finally got wise and flipped you the bird is a source of neverending pleasure.

The undersigned voted for Trump as the better of two bad choices. And I’d do it again, even knowing what a stir it would cause amongst the beautiful people. Or, more likely, because of the stir I would know it would cause amongst the beautiful people. [Question: If every liberal elitist is the smartest guy in the room, what happens when you get a roomful of them?]

Trump is as much or even more of a narcissist than his predecessor and his skin is two molecules deep. But he seems to be following through on his campaign promises, if you can discern that fact through the smokescreens the biased liberal media creates. He seems to have accomplished more in two years than Obama got done in eight. The objections to him all seem to be personal, not policy-related.

Lazy thinking, folks. Don’t let the liberal media tell you it’s raining when they are really peeing on your shoe.

Don Geibel