Where is the climate change coverage?

Wisely, the News and Sentinel has chosen to continue its policy of not running any stories concerning global climate change, the effects of which have become so obvious as to be undeniable, even by the most obtuse and obstructionist of Republicans. The good people of the Mid-Ohio Valley, if they obtain their news solely from this paper, have been spared disturbing facts such as 2018: has witnessed record breaking heat from inside the Arctic Circle to Africa; has produced the hottest average world temperature for July in a non-El Nino year, (third hottest over-all); has seen Japan suffer both record heat and rain-caused flooding in the same month, and watched California burn to a crisp. If the adage, “Ignorance is bliss” holds any water, then those readers are drowning in bliss.

This paper has consistently excelled at keeping its readers uninformed about major issues and its non-coverage of global warming has an unbroken history of non-reporting, aside from the occasional letter-to-the editor which has slipped through. This non-coverage strategy is especially suitable to the Trumpian era as it has restrained the paper from acknowledging the existence of what our dear leader refers to as a Russian hoax, which would earn his epithet of “fake news” accompanied by denouncement as “enemy of the people.” This behavior is usually accorded, like the third world, third-rate dictator he aspires to be, to media sources which have the audacity to utter the truth. Your paper has no jeopardy in this regard.

Wait! I believe the appropriate hoax referent should be Chinese and not Russian. Our leader utilizes the term “Russian hoax,” which is interchangeable with “Mueller witch hunt,” in reference to an entirely different sort of “fake news” which your paper does not cover. When the Twitter Master’s neck is finally dragged from office, this paper might consider a small article, an obituary really, on what most Americans now refer to as the “Trump hoax.”

For all of your readers, I think I can say: “Thanks for keeping it real.”

Patrick Radcliff