Trump right about media

I thought it curious and out of the blue, that an off-handed comment by a citizen about fake news at a public meeting would elicit an angry dustup by the editorial staff of the local newspaper.

Then I remembered it was Thursday rant day when about 350 newspapers all had one thing in common; a statement supporting the free press and decrying President Trump’s so-called attacks against the main-stream media. The print medium is particularly rubbed raw by the president’s penchant for labeling much of the MSM as “fake news.” Each paper wrote its own editorial, and this was the Parkersburg News and Sentinel’s contribution to the newspaper brotherhood.

The fact that they have the freedom to attack the president daily with the most outrageous lies is proof the press is free. The media forget the president has the same First Amendment rights that protect their irresponsible biases and omissions. This was a coordinated, calculated attack on Trump; talk about collusion.

For this editorial to imply that Trump striking back at the MSM by calling them fake news is dangerous and does real harm to local reporters and Americans is patently outrageous.

It’s doubtful the president keeps tabs on the News and Sentinel; however, if he did, here is what he would read:

Nearly every national and international article printed in the paper oozes from the extreme leftist Associated Press. Virtually every article is a hit piece on the president. The exact opposite was true when stroking their leftist idol, Barack Obama.

In addition to the parade of AP hit pieces, the local paper creates not so subtle headlines like one on Aug. 18 in the “News Briefing” at the bottom of the front page that declares in bold print, “Trump attacks military.” However, the article headline read, “Trump blames D.C. as parade plans unravel.” It’s not at all about Trump attacking the military. THIS is fake news.

The MSM outright lying (biases by commission) is terrible, but the refusal to report on President Trump’s outstanding successes (the biases of omission) is even more appalling. Reports on the booming economy, record employment for every group, world leadership, forcing nations to pay their share of NATO and U.N. support are missing.

Reporting the unhinged ranting by Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Warren and the rest of the loony leftist Democrats is taboo.

The media have worked tirelessly to sabotage, undermine and destroy President Trump.

Jim Mullen