Looking for former foster child

My name is Linda Swanson and I lived in the Parkersburg area most of my life. In 1974 I became a foster parent for a little blond-haired, blue-eyed 13-month-old boy. I attempted to find him by going through the Welfare Department but they are constrained by their privacy issues.

He was adopted to a family in 1978. I hope someone in Parkersburg will recognize his situation and give him my name and get in touch with me at 216-704-9810. I have pictures that could fill in the blanks in his early life.

My last vision of him is being taken by the social worker as he looked back at me and called “Mommy” to me. After all, a stranger was taking him away. I would love to know that he is doing well and he is happy.

Linda Swanson