Great American leaders

America is fortunate to have had many outstanding presidents beginning with General George Washington, who led his army to defeat the British in the war for independence. Though his men were under staffed, under paid, under fed and poorly clothed, Washington led them to victory. He went on to become our first president and the father of our country.

Abraham Lincoln was our second most notable president. He led the country through the Civil War; the bloodiest war ever fought on American soil. Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing the slaves. President Lincoln said he signed the Proclamation to save America.

Teddy Roosevelt, another great president, was a conservationist who saved millions of acres of land for public use. He also completed the Panama Canal, which the French had abandoned after spending a billion dollars on their unsuccessful project. During the process of canal building, it was discovered that yellow fever was caused by mosquitoes.

Our next leader, Franklin Roosevelt, served longer than other president. Hitler had defeated most European countries. Antiwar forces in congress prevented the United States from entering the war against Hitler. The best President Roosevelt could do was to begin the Lend Lease program which provided millions of dollars for war materials on a loan basis. It was not until the 1941 Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor that America joined the war.

Harry Truman is our next great leader. President Truman’s decision to drop the atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki ended the war with Japan. Under the direction of General Marshall, Truman supervised rebuilding Europe which had been devastated by WWII. He was responsible for correcting the civil rights inequity in the military. Truman also authorized the formation of the state of Israel.

General Dwight Eisenhower was Supreme Allied Commander in Europe during WWII. As president, he was responsible for building the interstate highway system.

Ronald Reagan was our 40th president and was responsible for major tax cuts. He was also one of our most popular presidents.

It is my opinion that Donald Trump is doing a great job as our president. He has cut our taxes. He has supported two conservative Supreme Court justices. He has appointed several conservative District Court judges. He has removed many restrictive executive orders. He vetoed the important Paris Climate Accord. He has promoted fair not free trade and has met with many important world leaders. Only history will tell if Trump’s presidency is good or bad.

Del. Frank Deem, R-Wood