Denounce the UNSATT

I have some information to add in the United Nations Small Arms Trade Treaty, which I wrote about previously.

Our Second Amendment is the safeguard which protects the other amendments and all our constitutional rights. The U.S. is one of the few countries on earth which recognizes its citizens have God-given rights, including the right to bear arms. If we lose our Second Amendment we will eventually lose our other rights and freedoms.

To get the treaty ratified, the Far Left is trying to convince us the treaty is no threat to our Second Amendment and if it were a threat, the U.S. Supreme Court would rule the treaty unconstitutional. Not so.

First, the liberal justices on the court would welcome any opportunity to rule the Second Amendment “null and void.” Second, the U.S. Constitution states, in Article VI that any treaty when ratified becomes the law of the land.

Even conservative constitutionalist justices who personally support the Second Amendment would have to go by the law, or treaty, as written and by the Constitution and rule the UNSATT is the law of the land and thereby supersedes the Second Amendment.

Neil Gorsuch, our newest Supreme Court justice, famously stated, “If you are always happy with your decisions, you are not doing your job as a juror.” Ergo, if the Supreme Court had to rule on the constitutionality of the UNSATT, the ruling would likely be 9-0 in favor of the treaty.

We all agree the U.S. needs “reasonable” gun laws to keep guns out of the hands of criminals or the mentally incompetent, but the U.S. can enact its own gun laws without the U.N. dictates. The UNSATT is the dream of the most rabid anti-gunners come true.

Also, the U.N. can add mandates any time at will with no input from the signing nations who will be bound to all new treaty mandates.

If the treaty is ever ratified and the U.S. later wants out of the treaty, the treaty would need unsigned by the president and de-ratified by the Senate. A virtual impossibility.

The longer the treaty is around, the more entrenched it will become and the harder it will be to get rid of even if it is never ratified. Therefore, President Trump should immediately unsign and denounce the UNSATT.

Steve Wolverton