Catholics must demand truth

I am a Catholic without a Church. For decades I have been a faithful member of the Catholic Church. A place where I received the Eucharist, was an active member, and supported the Church.

I feel I can no longer be an active part of my Church. How do we explain this to our children and our grandchildren. The Grand Jury Report is just the tip of the iceberg. The sins of the Church are destroying the faith of the faithful.

The Catholic Church teaches Transubstantiation, the power of God through the Priest changes the Bread and Wine into the actual Body and Blood of Christ. The Apostle Peter is looked upon in the Church as the first Pope. These two things are fundamental to the Catholic Church.

The Church teaches so many truths yet when you search for Holiness, its hard to find. The cover ups of the sexual abuse crisis are many. Sexual abuse cases are not the only failings of the Church.

I always heard it said that we don’t have enough priests. I think soon we are not going to have enough active Catholics to fill the churches.

I believe if the Catholic Church were to bring all their secrets to light, then and only then could we begin to see a true repentance and rebuilding of the Church. Asking bishops in the U.S. to resign seems to me to be a waste of time, I do not believe that Pope Francis would accept most of the resignations, and the problems are not just with the bishops.

The number of homosexual priests in the Church has sharply increased. The seminaries are full of gay activity. The number of Priests having adult relationships is rampant. We don’t hear very much about these abuses of the priesthood, these priests are simply moved around when these secrets are discovered. Lay people who learn of these abuses are asked to keep them secret. Again the Church hiding more secrets and asking the laity to do the same.

The Catholic Church has so many wonderful people who strive daily to live their beliefs, I only wish we could say the same for the hierarchy of the Church.

We need Catholic laity to stand up and demand the truth from our church leaders and reclaim our Church. The Church we love, the deposit of Faith inside its walls. The stains of sin, now cover the entire Church.

Vikki Bosely