Union labor a better choice

Following the decision by the Wood County School Board to accept the bid for the new Williamstown Elementary School to the non-union contractor. I would like to bring attention to the many things that are wrong with this decision:

First of all the work performed by the non-union contractor on a project in Wayne County has been described as subpar. Problems with the quality of work, completion schedules not met, out-of-state and out-of-country workers being used, etc.

I would like to voice many reasons the contract should have been awarded to the union contractor. First of all local workers would benefit from the wages being paid, which in turn would benefit the local economy by keeping all the taxes local and many local businesses would benefit with more sales. This would also result in more homes and apartments being rented and purchased resulting in increasing the real estate and personal property taxes being received locally. This would more than offset the lower bid from the non-union contractor.

In fact the school board voiced their reluctance to award the contract to the non-union company. They felt they were compelled to accept the non-union bid by a law firm in Charleston.

I would like to make the general public aware of the many instances where union contractors and their workers have donated labor, materials and assistance to projects in and around the Ohio Valley.

In Wood County specifically the Unions contributed labor and equipment free of charge in the following projects:

* The Waverly Elementary Gymnasium and Library

* The Jefferson Elementary Fencing project

* The Williamstown and Erickson Field athletic facilities

These are instances that I know for a fact that union labor has participated in. I hope this will prompt others to share any other instances where union involvement has helped the community in various ways.

Bill Coiner