Trump Derangement Syndrome

Democrats placed all their rotten political eggs in Barack Obama’s Marxist basket. Consequently, as the nation rebelled and ultimately turned red, they took little notice; alternately, perhaps they just whistled through the Party’s graveyard as one-by-one, Democrat governors, state legislators, Congressmen, and Senators fell victim to millions of fatal ballots cast by Americans.

Middle America, already enraged over Obamacare, witnessed what can happen when a Democrat-controlled Congress, court system, and mainstream-media willingly carry a collectivist President into the White House. Citizens observed a government gone mad, with powerful backing from anti-Americans emerging from the bowels of the Marxist underground. These leftist extremists saw Obama as their Messiah and paid him homage by attacking the Constitution and assailing America’s foundation of “freedom from government.”

Freedom-loving Americans could only pray the end would come for the Democrat dictatorship, and a leader would emerge that loved a free enterprise, capitalist economic system, and upheld middle-American values. When Donald Trump came down that escalator, Democrats laughed hysterically until that fateful election night. And then … well, you know.

Shock, dismay, disbelief, and uncontrollable rage overwhelmed the smug, arrogant Democrat machine. As fragile darling Democrats searched for cuddly kittens, safe spaces, and contemplated their navels, they quickly realized President Trump was going to destroy their little socialist playhouse. Just imagining Donald Trump undoing Obama’s oppressive edicts, crippling regulations and Democrats’ crushing legislation, the entire progressive left shrieked in stark terror. Suddenly, Democrats and their useful idiots realized if Trump freed America from the tyrannical socialist grip, he would demolish everything the evil left had accomplished under Obama. Thus, Trump Derangement Syndrome was born from a fear of Trump succeeding in liberating the nation.

This syndrome is widespread and diverse. It begins with the main-stream media, the entertainment industry, the political establishment, and social media. It flourishes in every government bureaucracy, from the IRS to Education, and ends in the streets where all wannabe dictators send their squealing underlings to exhibit and carry out their hate and insanity.

The leftists and their useful idiots fully understand the Joseph Goebbels quote, “Whoever can conquer the street will one day conquer the state, for every form of power politics and any dictatorship-run state has its roots in the street.” Likewise, Alinsky’s, Rules for Radicals is standard fare for these anti-Trump, riotous fascists.

Democrats still have fantasies and delusions of Trump losing the election. Such flights from reality represent another symptom of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Jim Mullen