Stop immigration

It’s really sad to see what the Democrat Party has turned into today. I would really love to talk to one of these mouthpieces in Washington like Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters and ask them if their purpose in life is to totally destroy the United States. This immigration debate has become a hot button issue when it shouldn’t be. Build the wall, secure the border. That seems kind of simple, doesn’t it? Other counties do it, so I don’t understand the opposition. We are 20 plus trillion in debt, infrastructure everywhere needing funds, not to mention our own homeless problem. We can’t take everyone into this country that wants to come here. I don’t see how letting in more poor people, which to be perfectly blunt, the majority of which will be on public assistance, and who have exploding birth rates, is going to be something the United States can take on. I firmly believe the Democrat Party could care less about these people. They just want Democrat voters. If these people are escaping violence, then lets do something about the violence in their country. I’ve yet to hear the Democrats want to tackle that problem. Send some drone strikes down and take out these cartels which are the cause of the violence.

I love how these celebrities are wanting to help these immigrant children, yet where are any of them when our own poor kids or seniors or homeless veterans need a helping hand? Charity begins at home. Drugs are destroying America, and if building a wall slows it down even somewhat, it is money well spent. The open border advocates claim to be environmentalists as well. Do the millions they want to bring in need to eat? Go to the bathroom? Need electricity? Of course they do, so it’s drill baby drill to meet the energy needs and I wonder which national park needs to be bulldozed first to start building housing? We are a nation of immigrants, but at some point we got to slow down.

Over population is not a good thing for our nation. We are losing 50 acres or so every hour to development. You can’t raise corn on concrete last time I checked. Our roads are clogged with vehicles and rent is sky high no matter where you live. I think the best solution for open border advocates is that they move to a third world country instead of trying to turn the U.S. into one. I never thought I would see the day when it was considered racist by some to fly the American flag or to want to protect your homeland and national identity. Welcome to the Democrat Party of 2018, all scream and no solutions.

Ted McCullough