Encourage bike use

As an employer, the most important aspect of a job is that employees get to work on time. Parkersburg has a bus system which does not reach all areas of the city. If a person does not have a car, motorcycle or does not have the opportunity to carpool, walking or riding a bike could be the next logical alternative. Once a year we stress in Parkersburg, Bike to Work Day. Well we have a group of folks doing just that and they are not wearing spandex.

Presently, the city is considering banning motorized bicycle riding within the city limits. This would be disastrous for some folks who have no other form of transportation. Yes, there are some bad players in the group of motorized bike riders, riding on the sidewalk, speeding, not following traffic rules, but these outliers are few and far between and does not call for a ban.

I listened to these folks at city council and learned that before they made their decision to purchase a motorized bike that most researched WV State law to understand what was legal and what they needed to stay legal – Lights, 49CC motors or less, helmet, ride with traffic and follow traffic rules. Many who spoke at city council where also encouraging the city to establish rules of the road. As a bicyclist, I know that Parkersburg has a difficult time with bicycles, there are few roads designated for bike traffic, no bike lanes, very narrow shoulders, and many of the shoulders are covered with gravel, trash, and glass adding to the difficulty and danger.

We should be encouraging biking in the Parkersburg area, whether for recreation or as a means of travel to shop or get to work.

Douglas Kreinik