Don’t bow to “boom”

Mike Myer believes that “The natural gas boom holds great potential” to balance the budget in W.Va. Although this possibility does exist, joining the fossil fuel frenzy and kowtowing to the corporate fossil fuel industry also has the most likely potential to increase opioid addiction, reduce the health of our rivers, streams, forests, and air as well as taking away all that makes West, by God, Virginia the beautiful place it still is, in most parts.

We are currently witnessing Appalachia being decimated for the benefit of the greedy corporate world and their fascists cohorts in the State.

Mr. Myer knows as well as I that solar, wind, geothermal, and other alternative energies are the future, and until political columnists, like Mr. Myer stop kowtowing and start expressing true concern about energy, all he can expect in the future is to be considered a “criminal ancestor.”

Mr. Myer, “realistic” West Virginians will thrive and benefit from conscientious alternative energy efforts. They, and especially their grandchildren as well as our Mother Earth will continue to suffer under fascist fossil fuel greed so obvious and prevalent in what used to be this Good Old U.S.A..

I witnessed first hand the “gas boom” in our neck of the woods near Cameron, W.Va. Heroine and opioids have followed the money and is prevalent. No water, bad air, raped forests, destroyed streams, and a much lower quality of life resulted from this “boom.”

Mr. Myer knows as well as I who benefits, and it is not the common West Virginian in these “Sacrifice Zones.”

“It don’t make no sense, that common sense, don’t make no sense, no more.”

Ron Teska