A thank you letter

I am writing this letter to thank the people in this community for all the support they have shown during the last decade. I work as a sign shaker, “guitar guy” on Parkersburg’s south side. I have been made aware of all the positive and kind words that have been shown on social media regarding the way I do my job and the respect that I show during funeral processions.

I don’t have access to social media and wanted to use this avenue to express my gratitude and appreciation for all your kindness. All the honks, the smiles and waves, the thumbs up, the cold drinks in the summer and hot drinks in winter, as well as the personal kind words and everything you do make me feel that I have the best job in the area.

As I continue this journey, please know your kindness and the gratitude you express does not go unnoticed. Thank you, everyone.

Mark Powers