What’s good for the goose…

In an article in the May 30 newspaper, David Hogg, who is a senior at Marjory Stoneman-Douglas High School and totally ignorant concerning the U.S. Constitution (he was interviewed by the TV news media and he is ignorant. Period.) and a puppet of the far left gun control movement, wants to oust lawmakers from office who are beholden to the National Rifle Association.

Ergo, NRA members and all gun owners should work to vote from office all lawmakers who do not respect the Second Amendment and who accept money from anti-gun billionaires like Michael Bloomberg and George Soros and their anti-gun groups. After all, the money the NRA spends to support pro-gun lawmakers is a mere drop in a bucket compare to what Michael Bloomberg and George Soros spend to back anti-gun lawmakers.

If the NRA shouldn’t be allowed to donate money to pro-gun lawmakers, anti-gun groups funded by far left billionaires shouldn’t be allowed to donate money to anti-gun lawmakers. The same rule that applies to the pro-gun gander should apply to the anti-gun goose.

As for David Hogg, I understand that he and the students at his school are traumatized by the tragic shooting and are thinking emotionally, not logically. I sincerely wish them a speedy recovery from their traumatic experience.

The writer in the Sunday, June 3, newspaper apparently took umbrage with my previous May 27 letter. I clearly stated the information on the totalization treaty with Mexico came from the Secure America Alliance. So, if their facts are wrong, the writer should contact them and convince them to use his “facts.”

The totalization treaty was negotiated in 2014 in secrecy by the Obama Administration but was never ratified, thanks to Senate Republicans, but could become law under a future liberal administration.

I stated that any politicians of any party who would sign off on any treaty depriving Americans of their Social Security is unfit to hold public office, and I stand by that statement.

The main point of my May 27 letter was that too many Social Security recipients are forced to live below the level of poverty. This is a disgrace that should never happen in America. I stand by that statement and many Social Security recipients will attest to its accuracy.

Steve Wolverton