Poetic license in reporting

On the front page of the June 6 issue of The Parkersburg News and Sentinel, one of the headlines read “Trump lashes out at Eagles.”

The Parkersburg News and Sentinel rarely passes on an opportunity to print a negative headline or story about Donald Trump. Conversely, rarely do the readers see a positive news story about the current president or the state of the union. Actually, Donald Trump did not lash out at the Eagles; they were disinvited to the White House due to the vast majority of the team members deciding at the last minute to not attend. “Lashing out” might be a bit misleading, but it hasn’t stopped this newspaper from using its poetic license before.

I did not see a single reference in this issue regarding the anniversary of D-day; the famous day that the Allied forces began the invasion of Europe that led to the end of WWII. Well, not quite, there was a reference to D-day in the comics section … thanks Snoopy.

Larry Reed