A son’s happy memories

Let me tell you about my dad. He was 5′ 7” and 140 lbs. his whole life. When he dressed up with hat and pipe, he looked like the singer/actor Bing Crosby, and when he had on his work clothes and Mail Pouch chew, he looked like Festus Haggen on “Gunsmoke.”

My dad had a great sense of humor and never complained. He told me 90 percent of people die in bed, so stay on your feet and sleep in a chair.

He got his first and only job on the B&O Railroad when he found a wallet with name and cash inside. He returned the wallet to the owner who just happened to be the man who was hiring workers. He worked for the B&O Railroad for 44 years without missing one day’s work. He took time off for World War II!

He was on the bridge, rail and tunnel gang. He was a carpenter, plumber, welder, electrician, painter, mechanic, roofer, block layer, ditch digger, farmer and yard man. (He done it all.)

He once painted a railroad bridge standing inside a drum hanging from a crane high over the Ohio River.

He and his gang of workers could lift up a bridge with jacks, repair it and set it back down before next train come.

He showed me when I was a boy how to build a bird house, a dog house and the outhouse.

He could catch and hit my best fastball and repair the broken windows when we were done.

Yes, he was the best at many, many thing. But the best thing he was great at was being my dad — Guy Haynes, a big, big man!

Dave Haynes