Hear the wake up call

I hope the global warming advocates finally figured out that God is in charge of the weather, and is sending his response to junk science believed as gospel, from people who have ripped off taxpayers big time and become wealthy in the process. The earth has always gone in cycles. This winter for millions has been a frigid and terrifying wakeup call.

We as intelligent thinking people need to stop believing everything that comes down the pike spewed by political parties and others and use the common sense that we were born with, and look at the history before us.

We now have the using of school children on the streets to sway people to a particular agenda of others in trying to take away freedoms of others. Before children can understand the full ramifications of what they are proposing, they are being taught to fear everything and our society is destroying their ability to think for themselves.

This is why we have cry babies on school campuses, more suicides and increasing drug problems as they don’t feel secure in any environment due to information overload at too young an age. Their coping abilities have been compromised and parents that are erroneously told to be friends to their children instead of being the parent also unfortunately feel they are no longer allowed to fulfill that role, without the threat of interference from others.

Sharon Loucks