Vienna priorities

It is hard for everyone experiencing increases across the board and our incomes are not increasing to keeping up.

Vienna citizens just experience an increase on our water and sewer rates to cover our reserves but none of the money is going to our infrastructure, but to run sewer out Rosemar Road for future development. How is that benefiting the citizens right now? We are experiencing water breaks and repairs all the time due to old transite asbestos concrete water pipes deteriorating and collapsing.

Our streets in Vienna are slipping, cracking, lots of potholes making the streets in terrible shape. The state is responsible for some of the main roads and streets but who knows when they will get to them?

The purchase of the Johns Manville properties along with some of the cleanup that has transpired is now pushing $2 million and counting. Who knows at this point how much it will cost before it is finished because of testing of the plant site — and the transite asbestos panels have to be removed by a licensed asbestos contractor. Another $200,000 is requested to be added to the 2019-2020 budget for the property. Wondering if it is more acceptable to keep coming back after money instead of shocking everyone with a large amount all at one time?

So many things needing to be addressed for the interest of the people and the things mentioned are just a few. The Johns Manville properties is a large contamination site and the people need to demand it be checked completely. Henry Sasyn wrote a 4-page paper in regards to the contamination on the Johns Manville river property that held a ravine where things were dumped. We have nothing yet in regards to testing on the property, it is just now being conducted. If you would like to read more on Henry’s paper it is posted on Facebook site United Citizens of Vienna. It was said by a councilman this is a sound investment. Why is the city investing our money in real estate? Are they an investment firm too?

When will Vienna get their priorities straight? I know there are a lot of people tired of the city officials’ lack of concern from the citizen’s and the fact that what is brought before council isn’t important. There are two council members listening to the people and fighting for reductions in the budget.

We as citizens need to help the city get their priorities straightened out. Change can only happen if you get involved. There is strength in numbers and attending the council meetings shows our support for our councilmen as they work to get things straightened out and they need our help.

Brenda Powell