Time for sacrifices

A gentleman wrote a letter to the editor on Feb. 25 complaining about “liberals” wanting to take away his gun rights. He thought that was unfair. He declared himself a “lawful” gun owner and resented being punished because of the, “irrational actions of a few demented individuals.”

First, it’s not a bunch of liberals that are demanding gun regulation. It’s the great majority of the U.S. population. Only about 15 percent of our citizens are gun owners. The remainder are just ordinary people fed up with an irresponsible Congress who think their primary duty is sucking up to the NRA.

I’m a gun owner with two assault rifles. Neither weapon is suitable for hunting and both would be too awkward for self-defense in the confines of a home. I don’t believe what the NRA faithful believe; that we all need rapid fire weapons to protect ourselves from an over-reaching government. That’s the stupidest justification for gun ownership anyone ever dreamed up.

I like my semi-autos because they’re fun to shoot. I didn’t need them. I just wanted them. I could afford them so I bought them. We’re all going to be disappointed if we have to surrender our firearms someday because of the actions of a few idiots.

I remember the good old days of air travel before airport security. In 1961 some idiot decided to hijack an airliner for a free ride to Cuba. A month later a copy-cat idiot pulled the same stunt. Airline hijacking in the 60s became an easy path to instant fame and attention. That’s why we now have a gigantic world-wide airport security system, which air travelers hate but grudgingly accept as a necessity.

Hijacking created a tipping point in airport security 60 years ago. That’s where we are today with rapid-fire assault rifles. We’ve reached a gun regulation tipping point. The nut-cases and copy-cats have learned that mass shootings are an easy path to 15 minutes of fame. Just kill a bunch of school kids. Bingo! Instant fame and attention for the shooter.

It’s going to take some sacrifices by “lawful” gun owners to help reign in the murderous habits of those “few demented individuals.”

So, the guy who wrote that Feb. 25 letter should stop whining about nasty liberals and start thinking about sacrifices he’s ready to make to help end this particular gun problem.

Ralph Chambers