Plan to stop shootings

With the latest school shooting, we need to ask ourselves what is wrong with our society today? We have always had guns. What has changed in the last decades to make school shootings so prevalent? Is it violent video games? Is it graphic violence on TV and in the movies? Maybe these are things that need studied.

I believe to stop school shootings, every school in the country should have a threat assessment and a security evaluation. Low threat schools may only require locking all external doors (with hardened steel, bullet-resistant locks).

High risk schools might require multiple layers of security, including locking all entrance doors. Possibly internal security doors could be installed in hallways that in an emergency could be locked at the push of a button to confine a shooter to a limited area. The same for stairwells, to keep a shooter from going floor to floor.

All classrooms would be equipped with sturdy locks, the teacher having the key. Principals, vice principals, etc. would have a master key. Classrooms would remain locked during class.

Schools could invite local police officers while on duty to come and eat lunch with the students in the school cafeteria, to develop a rapport between police and the students. Students and school officials could relay any concerns to the police at that time.

State officials could pass laws funding state police programs where school officials could anonymously report potentially violent students. The state police could investigate and, if necessary, intervene and temporarily remove firearms from potential shooters’ homes, until permanent action can be taken.

The state police would also fax information about credible threats to the FBI to prevent troubled individuals from further purchasing firearms.

We need to end schools as gun-free zones and allow armed, trained teachers and security officers in our schools. It has worked in the nation of Israel, and it can work here.

Predictably, the far left is crying for more gun control, running the usual gamut from an assault weapons ban (I remember an assault weapons ban was in effect during the shootings at Columbine), to outlawing all semi-automatic weapons. Unfortunately, there is no magic gun control law that will stop school shootings.

Let me conclude by saying all school shooters should receive with no exceptions a mandatory death penalty; preferably execution by firing squad.

Steve Wolverton