Justice needs to think

I’m writing about Gov. Jim Justice and the way he talked about the teachers to get back in school.

I remember when Justice was running for governor and he said if he won the election that he wouldn’t accept a paycheck.

You know it and I know it that Justice is accepting his paycheck every payday.

Now he has the nerve to tell the teachers to get back into the class rooms.

They don’t make the salary he makes.

Justice needs to take his salary and give it to the teachers for their raise.

Another thing Justice is wanting to do is move the West Virginia Turnpike clear up to Wood County.

If he wants to move the West Virginia Turnpike somewhere he needs to move it down toward the Greenbrier.

Justice needs to look at his salary and look at the teachers salary and sit and think about it.

We needs the teachers to teach these young kids and we need to take care of the teachers.

John D. McIntyre