Weighing lives vs. profits

Human slaughter and capitalism on the surface would seem to have nothing in common. In fact, they can have much in common. Capitalism, when practiced ideally, perfectly serves society. Unfortunately, it is not always practiced ideally.

The NRA, who I rank right up there with the KGB when it comes to civic responsibility, is quick to say mass shootings are the result of a human mental condition — an idea I rejected for years. I now agree with them. The mental condition? Not mental illness — GREED! Mental illness may initiate any given massacre but greed drives the repeat performances. When the NRA tries to squelch any mention of gun control it is for the sole purpose of preserving the PROFITS of the arms manufacturers — absolutely disgusting.

Obama once had the audacity to suggest banning weapons of war, which assault weapons are since they’re designed specifically to kill humans, not squirrels. To hint that lives should take precedence over profits is a concept beyond comprehension to the NRA.

The NRA would have us believe that government confiscation of weapons of war will lead to the confiscation of all weapons. The factual basis for this is…is…is…we’re waiting, NRA. The 2nd Amendment is always introduced. A ludicrous comment on their part for I dare say not one NRA member complies. If you belong to a well-regulated militia — the only Constitutional reason to have a gun — please inform us.

Highway traffic deaths brought about seat belts and more. Increased air traffic raised passenger safety concerns, hence periodic plane inspections by the FAA. Whether an opioid epidemic or Wall St. shenanigans, society has the right to TRY to protect itself. Do the solutions always work 100 percent? Almost never, but they’re usually highly effective. Will gun control end mass shootings? No, but limited (no?) access to automatic weapons will, over time, stem the tide. What is the justification for NOT trying — besides profits?

Since the NRA values money more than life, they should offer a share of stock in an arms company to the family of each gun victim. That should assuage their grief.

I’m a gun owner with no concerns over regulating weapons of war.

Did I mention 99 percent of law enforcement supports gun control? That should mean SOMETHING!

Don Lowe