United citizens of Vienna

You have heard that the swamp in Washington needs drained, well we got a swamp here in Vienna that’s just as big, and the alligators are eating every dollar thrown in the swamp.

Before I started going to the Vienna City Council meetings I thought we had a good city government, working for the citizens and the seniors. Boy was I fooled. I was shocked to hear and to see some of the things that go on in our city government.

The council meeting on Jan. 25, was awful, and boring. One councilmember had a presentation that made no sense at all, with a handout like a coloring book for kids, and addressed all of the audience as if we were a jury he was trying to convince.

All council member have a microphone, but they will not use them to speak into, they sit way back so we cannot hear them. Mr. Rogers mumbles, the recorder talks so low we can’t hear her, the city attorney we can’t hear him at all. Wonder if this is a ploy of the mayor.

There is something just not right in council. In the past there were just a few who attended the meetings. Now here lately the place is packed.


It seems that Mr. Conley and Mr. Elam, the only two councilmen that have put the interest of the people first, stand up to the alligators in the swamp. And speaking of swamps that Johns Manville swamp needs drained, too.

The seniors are not a special interest group as we have been called, or a political action group. Now a while back when it passed council to give seniors a police fee discount, for seniors over 65, we were not a special interest group. But, when it was brought before the council to eliminate the police fees for all seniors we all of a sudden became a special interest group.

We the citizens of Vienna need to be heard. Citizens who want to address the council only have three minutes, but council members that are trying to sell the citizens a bill of bull can take as long as they want, as it was at the last council meeting.

Ted Crouch