Protect investigation

It’s become crystal clear that President Donald Trump will do anything he can to derail the Russia investigation.

Instead of standing up to Trump, some members of Congress are actively accelerating our country toward a constitutional crisis.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) and Republicans on the Committee (with the seeming blessing of House Speaker Paul Ryan) voted to release Nunes’ biased memo in hopes of discrediting our law enforcement agencies investigating Trump.

Nunes was a member of Trump’s transition team. And he already has been disqualified from the Russia probe due to earlier biased misdeeds.

Don’t let him get away with using his access to secret intelligence to paint a distorted picture of the Trump-Russia investigation.

Congress needs to take immediate steps to protect the integrity of the Russia investigation, so that we can have a real accounting of Russian interference in our politics.

The Republicans speak of our America and our constitutional Rule of Law. Yet, they suggest Donald Trump is beyond the ‘Rule of Law’ by allowing his violation of our ethics laws as President, in which he has received money from his businesses doing business with the American government while President.

His latest ethics violation is the “Advertisements” that he allowed during the State of the Nation where he will receive compensation.

The top Democratic member of the Intelligence Committee called Nunes’ memo “a profoundly misleading set of talking points attacking the FBI” and “an extraordinary new low.”

If Republicans want to release his memo, they need to release the companion memo written by Democratic members of the committee that reportedly debunks many of the claims, and consider releasing the underlying intelligence as well.

And Speaker Paul Ryan should remove Nunes as chair of the Intelligence Committee, due to his conflicts of interest and behavior. And, his executive orders repealing laws to benefit their wealthy Republican donors by using his cabinet/secretary appointments to re-write rules that our Congress and Senate had passed under different Presidents?

Where are Congressmen Mooney, Jenkins and McKinley with Trump’s abuse of power for filthy lucre’s sake? Partisan politics? They are as quiet as a mouse.

Jerry L. Payne