Get involved in community

When living in a community if you have issues, questions or concerns with city decisions you reach out to the individuals that you have elected into office to be there to hear you and look for solutions to those things that need resolved.

What has happened, we have lost our voices, and it seems anything that is brought forward goes in one ear and out the other until recently.

In Vienna it has been a slow process for our voices to be heard but thanks to Councilmen Roger Conley and Mike Elam there is hope. Council needs to listen to the people and to their concerns to help with a solution.

Being told over and over again when council has made a decision on what to do with our money it is a done deal, and not being able to do anything about it is getting harder and harder to hear.

This is why it is important to attend the council meetings. Getting involved can help make changes happen and our voices to be heard. We have to keep ourselves informed of things happening in our community and be ready to address them.

Brenda Powell