Build the wall well

Many believe a wall on our southern border will not stop illegal immigration, but President Trump has U.S. Special Forces teams testing several prototype designs for the future wall, outside San Diego. The final wall may incorporate features of several prototypes into one final design.

The special forces are evaluating the prototypes so the wall can be constructed in a way that even they, our special forces, can’t scale or penetrate it. If our special forces can’t scale the wall, it’s very unlikely the average “illegal” will be able to do so, let alone smuggle illegal drugs into the U.S. past the wall.

Surely even liberals who oppose construction of the wall would agree, if we are going to build a wall, we should build a wall that will work.

Using his experience as a former businessman, President Trump has “commissioned” several companies to compete in designing and constructing the wall at the lowest cost to U.S. taxpayers.

The border wall will cost an estimated $25 billion to construct and an estimated $33 billion with all the technology installed. With illegal immigration costing U.S. taxpayers an estimated $116 billion a year, the cost of building the border wall would be money well spent.

If the border wall is not built, under a future liberal president who, like our previous president, refuses to enforce our immigration laws, we will be having yet another conversation over illegal immigration and deferred action childhood arrivals (DACA).

It truly irks me when I see TV newscasts of illegal immigrants protesting and carrying signs like “illegal and proud of it.” Illegals who take pride in openly flaunting our laws should be immediately rounded up and deported. An illegal who doesn’t respect our laws shouldn’t be allowed to remain in this country period.

Steve Wolverton