A review of ethics

The following are a few points from the WV Employee Code of Conduct Policy 5902:

* Exhibit professional behavior by showing positive examples of preparedness, communication, fairness, punctuality, attendance, language and appearance.

* Contribute, cooperate and participate in creating an environment in which all employees/students are accepted and are provided the opportunity to achieve at the highest levels in all areas of development.

* Maintain a safe and healthy environment, free from harassment, intimidation, bullying, substance abuse, and/ or violence and free from bias and discrimination.

* Create a culture of caring through understanding and support.

* Demonstrate responsible citizenship by maintaining a high standard of conduct, self-control and moral/ethical behavior.

Imagine my surprise when I read an article in which the Superintendent of Wood County Schools used the newspaper as a way to attack, complain, and some might say, bully a BOE representative, demanding that he not be allowed to vote on his contract renewal and going so far as blaming him for his recent pneumonia.

From the article, we don’t know exactly what Mr. Tice was/was not investigating, but we do know that there seems to be some secrecy locally at the administration offices. Specifically with the PHS stadium debacle and who authorized the additional charges and more recently, the refusal to release the OEPA report. Our tax dollars paid for both of these items, so we have a right to that information. Why would we not want to utilize the OEPA report to work on improvements? To dismiss it as inaccurate information is fiscally irresponsible and thoughtless.

Everything starts at the top, so let’s show our children how to resolve differences in a respectful, mature manner while also meeting their educational objectives.

Christi Walcutt