Who picks up the tab?

Hats off to Mr. Reed for showing us that America’s billionaires and millionaires deserved the massive tax cut doled out by the Republican Congress. Now, Trump’s Mar-a-Lago country club buddies will more easily afford his club’s $200,000 annual dues and he’ll be able to reward himself with some little trinket, like that long-coveted Trump Tower in downtown Moscow.

The problem, overlooked by Mr. Reed, is that the tax cut will increase the national debt by $1.5 trillion unless somebody pays for it. Republicans, who will shut down the government to prevent a deficit, have already told us who that someone will be and it’s not their rich donors and corporate beneficiaries. It’s you, the, from Mr. Reed’s perspective, average free-loading, tax-avoiding middle-class slob, and your children and grandchildren. You know you can afford it. Just look how high-on-the hog you’re living, with your kids attending tuition-free public schools and you maxing out your credit cards to pay hospital bills.

So, how are you going to pay off this trillion-dollar tab? First, you and your middle-class chums are going to have to work a little longer to draw Social Security and Medicare. Seventy, even seventy-two, is not so old and, besides, most current middle-class retirees have to work into their seventies. Here’s some bad news, though. That Greeter job at Walmart won’t be available as it will soon be performed by a sexy 25-year-old-looking robot dressed in a miniskirt. Wow! America really is great again. You’ll probably miss that, though, because it’s going to be Dollar General days from now on for you.

Did I mention Medicare? “Fuhgettaboutit.” The wealthy pay more into Medicare than they get back and Republicans, who have been trying to privatize it for years, are finally going to fix this give-away to the middle-class. You can expect an annual benefit check equal to the amount you have paid in less administrative expenses and surtaxes for the perpetual war on terror. Don’t worry, though, you won’t need it because you’ll have worked yourself into an early grave.

Is it really going to be that bad for the middle-class? Well, no, because the upper 20 percent already owns 95 percent of all the nation’s non-housing wealth and they’re only going to grab a little more, about 5 percent. So, enjoy the tax-cut crumbs that fell your way knowing that the nation’s upper crust thanks you.

Patrick Radcliff