Treason among us

There is partisan politics and there is anti-America politics — a treasonous, criminal activity. The latter is being promoted by Fox TV and, as of late, a number of Republican Congressmen. The activity in question is dissing the Mueller investigation.

Basic facts:

1) Russia hacked both the DNC and the RNC — an act of foreign aggression. Putin had a choice to make. Which candidate, as President, would be easiest duped into serving his purpose of destroying America without firing a shot.

2) All of Congress agreed Russia meddled in the election and fully backed Obama’s sanctions. Bozo has never acknowledged it.

3) Both Houses of Congress have investigations in progress.

4) AG Sessions-R, after multiple perjuries, appointed Rosenstein-R to oversee the investigation. His appointment of Mueller-R as Special Counsel was lauded by all of Congress.

5) Rosenstein directed Mueller to (a) probe the depth of Russia’s meddling and (b), investigate any criminal activity arising from the probe.

6) Some want the investigation terminated, forgetting the Watergate investigation (many similarities) took more than 800 days.

7) To Bozo, the FBI and Comey were wonderful when going after Hillary, who has never been charged with any wrong-doing, even by a Republican Justice Dept. Now that Mueller has issued 4 indictments and the noose is tightening, the FBI is suddenly corrupt.

All involved are Republicans — the accused and the accusers. Democrats fully support the fight against foreign aggression but have absolutely no influence or control over the investigation. Bozo’s infamous blather “A Democrat witch hunt because they lost the election” is as ridiculous as it sounds.

Fox TV has achieved a new journalistic low (promoting treason will do that) in calling for an immediate halt to the biased Mueller investigation. Biased? In view of the above? How can a one-party effort be biased against itself? If the investigation is shut down, as many on Fox want, Russia wins.

Bozo’s daily blather about fake news must have Putin downright giddy. The rate of America’s demise has to be exceeding all expectations. McCain recently said “A free press is essential to a democracy.” This is an indication of how war heroes (he a wounded pilot — Mueller a wounded Marine) view events, and how they are reported, as opposed to the views of someone with multiple deferments who bad-mouths Gold Star families.

Don Lowe