Thank you for the support

Globally Building Schools charity would like to thank everyone in Wirt, Wood and Ritchie counties for all that you did to support the charity and the children in Ghana, West Africa, this year. Without you, thousands of children between the school grades of 5th and 12th would not have Bibles to read. We handed out 5,400 Bibles in four days to the children in public schools, and others.

I know you can imagine how God was smiling every time a child received a Bible they can read. There were six of us who went to Ghana this year, and every one of us paid our own way there. Your contributions paid for a better way of life for these children.

60 children are now sponsored in the Christian academy That is an increase of ten children over last year, and all the thanks go out to you for your generosity.

May God bless you all.

Pastor Charles Leisure