Trump has his positives

Many of the major colleges and universities as well as Hollywood actors, many major newspapers, radio and TV have expressed a negative opinion of Trump. Media Research Center has found 90 percent of the news by NBC, CBS and ABC has been negative toward Trump. The Sunday news of these networks, chaired by a moderator and four panel members, is dominated by the moderator and three anti-Trump panel members. You would have to watch these Sunday morning shows to see how negative they are to Trump.

Because of the liberal media bias, the public is not aware of the positive side of the Trump administration. Without doubt the most significant accomplishment has been his appointment of Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. In addition to his successful appointment of Justice Gorsuch he has made 18 appointments to appellate courts, 39 district courts and three to the Federal Claims Court. All of these are constitutional conservative appointments and arguably the most successful part of his presidency. Trump has been involved in turning back many Obama regulations which have not had congressional approval. The most significant of these has been the Paris Accord on climate. Signing this agreement by president Obama has cost the U.S. $100 billion, which is to be used to pay undeveloped nations to use alternate fuels. It is estimated to cost the U.S. trillions in the future; the Clean Power Plan (which the EPA has agreed to withdraw), would shut down most coal burning power plants and would only reduce global temperature .00015 percent by the year 2100; the Clean Water Act would give the EPA jurisdiction over almost any source of water including farm ponds and wetlands; the Interior Department has indicated it will rescind the ban on fracturing oil and gas wells on federal lands.

Because of the president’s strong stand on illegal immigrants and the hiring of 2,500 additional border patrol officers the number of illegal crossings has plummeted. Under the Obama administration, border patrol officers were ordered to release illegal immigrants even though they had a criminal background.

Two major pipelines were vetoed by President Obama. These pipelines have now been approved by President Trump. Also two vacancies on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission have been filled by President Trump, and they approved 900 miles of new pipelines through W.Va., Va. and N.C. When built these lines will open new markets for West Virginia’s over supply of natural gas.

I believe Trump is doing a great job as our president and all you have to do is look at the all time high stock market, and the recent rise in the GDP, to see just how well he is doing with the economy.

Del. Frank Deem