Evolutionary explanation

Sexual harassment by co-workers, by politicians and even Olympic gymnastics officials. Seems like daily we are inundated with stories of a tsunami level crisis in male-female relationships. Apparently, sex crazed men have suddenly started accosting women at every opportunity — at work, in church and even in Hollywood by movie producers (shocking!) Their bizarre behavior includes such acts as public (hide the children’s eyes) masturbation and nakedness. The only explanation for this other-worldly behavior is that, in fact, men, including myself, have been replaced by aliens (no, not Mexicans, but the extra-terrestrial kind. You’ve seen the movies).

Well, there is one other possible explanation. Based on a religion I call Darwinian Judeo-Muslim-Christianity (one god fits all), it goes like this: Yahweh-Allah-God created DNA, which made genes, which made life, some of which evolved into humans (the first two being Adam and Eve) who come in two sexes, with both sexes motivated by their genes to replicate by sexual reproduction (make babies), but with each sex having slightly different objectives. Since the number of children which Adam could have was limited only by the number of females he had access to, he wanted to have sex (make babies) with as many females as possible. Unfortunately, for him, God only made Eve available, but his male descendants have had many more mating opportunities during a lifetime.

Eve, on the other hand, could only have one child every nine months, regardless of the number of males she made babies with. So, Eve was mainly motivated to find one good man who would provide for her and the children. Unfortunately, for her, Eve’s only choice was Adam, who was always looking around for other women, even though none existed. But her female descendants usually have had more choices and continue to be the choosier, more discriminating of the two sexes.

Males evolved several different mating strategies or behaviors. Most inherit genes (from Adam, naturally) predisposing them to regard women as equals with the objective of life-long monogamous relationships. Some, and it is overwhelmingly males who commit sexual predation, inherit genes that predispose them to be more opportunistic and more aggressive. These genes exist because that behavior has been successful during human history. (It’s complicated).

Darwinian Judeo-Muslim-Christianity preaches that genetic based behaviors which have arisen over 200,000 years of Yahweh-Allah-God-given evolution are not easily altered. Sexually aggressive males need to be punished and ostracized when they offend, but equally important, females need to exercise caution and promptly, not years afterwards, report such behavior. Such long delay raises the question of whether the offending behavior was condoned, or even welcomed (females have their own mating strategies), at the time, perhaps for purposes of furthering one’s career.

Patrick Radcliff