Voters must pressure Congress

Barack Obama, the New Democrat Party and other progressive Marxists designed Obamacare as a series of income redistribution and social justice programs administered by an all-powerful federal government. It destroyed jobs and devastated the finest healthcare system anywhere in the world. Naturally, like all collectivist ideas, the entire scheme is collapsing faster than money can be printed to pay the bills.

Government successfully placed federal bureaucrats between patients and their doctors. Doctors, clinics and hospitals find it increasingly more difficult to provide good medical care, and many cease practicing medicine. Falling under heavy-handed functionaries, costs skyrocket, health care collapses and government decides who lives and dies.

Increasingly, doctors find themselves relegated to paper pushing for government bureaucrats, while nurses of varying skills attend patients. Seeing a doctor is becoming a rare occurrence, especially for physical exams. Doctors find it increasingly more difficult to survive with the substandard payments allowed by the government, thus they must spend less time with, and see more, patients to survive.

Finding a specialist is, likewise, increasingly more difficult and at times requires extensive travel. Waiting times can now run into months, not weeks.

Obamacare is the greatest medical crisis in this nation’s history. It is a classic study in failure of Marxism and the pain and suffering people must endure when we allow leftists to implement their evil, collectivist schemes.

When politicians can convince nearly half of America that they can provide full medical care for everyone, including illegal aliens and their unlimited families, at lower cost without reducing quality, it is solid evidence that years of indoctrination by the government has paid big dividends for tyrants.

The betrayal of Americans began with the big lie, “Affordable Health Care Act.” It continued with Marxist Obama’s blatant, repeated lies, beginning with “If you like your healthcare plan…” Democrats revealed their pernicious contempt for the American people when they alone voted and passed this granddaddy of all Marxist coups on a nation crying no, no, no!

Obama and the Democrats lied with impunity and without remorse; now the Republicans in the House and Senate exhibit their deceitful scheme of campaigning on a platform of Obamacare repeal and then rejecting all opportunities to do so when they control Congress and have an anti-Obamacare president in the White House.

It’s now up to voters to hold Republicans to their promises on Obamacare or target them for removal from their entrenched seats of power.

Jim Mullen