United citizens

You have heard the old saying “You can’t fight City Hall.” That has been proven for the last couple of months with the city council of Vienna. The newly formed group United Citizens of Vienna has attended council meetings, has had speakers, has had citizens meetings asking the council not to raise our water and sewer rates (47 percent water and 30 percent sewer). We elected the council men to represent us to listen to the people, but it seems that our plea has fallen on deaf ears.

An increase this big puts a hardship on our seniors, also a lot of our young people starting out and most just making minimum wage. We the citizens are not opposed to a rate increase, but not this big at one time.

Thank you Councilmen Conley, Bibbee and Elam for standing up with the citizens of Vienna and voting against this increase.

With our newly formed United Citizens of Vienna group we want to make sure when it comes election time, we know who the councilmen were that threw us under the bus and voted to increase everybody’s water and sewer rates; and to those who voted that way, we will do everything in our citizen power to expose you, and make sure you don’t represent us again.

Ted Crouch