The left’s lies about guns

As usual, the far left is blaming the NRA for mass shootings. They claim the NRA is non-negotiable toward reasonable gun control.

The truth is the far left has never offered a reasonable, workable gun law. All the far left has to offer is the reinstatement of waiting periods and the assault weapons ban. Both laws were failures when in effect, so there is no reason for their reinstatement.

The far left gave us the concept of gun-free zones, which became killing zones, once potential murderers realized that they would have the only gun in a gun-free zone.

The far left alleges the NRA opposes any law that would block certifiable nutcases from possessing firearms.

Most people with mental problems are non-violent. Very few are violent and present a danger to themselves and others, although the far left leads us to believe otherwise.

The true goal of the far left is to deprive as many citizens as possible of their right to bear arms, through mental health laws. The far left wants anyone who has ever been treated for even a minor mental problem to forever be denied their right to bear arms. Even if 30 years ago they were successfully treated for stress and are today living happy fruitful lives.

A law depriving violent, certifiable nutcases of firearms in theory sounds good; but in reality, would be virtually impossible to draft and enforce without infringing on the rights of non-violent people with minor mental problems.

After most mass shooting are thoroughly investigated, it is discovered that the shooter had posted disturbing threats on social media. To prevent future shootings, the FBI should hire more agents to surf the Internet looking for radical postings.

In some major cities, law enforcement should put mosques where fanatical imams preach radical Islam under surveillance.

I’m sick of the far left condemning gun owners as savages and second class citizens because they support the Second Amendment.

I’m sick of the far left pressuring gun owners to negotiate some of their rights away for our safety.

To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, those who give up their rights in the name of safety lose both.

Steve Wolverton